Monday, September 3, 2012

New Morning Routine

So believe it or not I have finally decided I'm done messing around and I am kicking my butt back into shape so that I can look like this again....

yes that is my beautiful best friend kay kay :)

so every morning when I wake up I have started to do this...

Morning Ritual = Results

Then at night I am going to try to run at least a mile and work my way up (gotta start somewhere right?!)

To keep me a little more motivated I am going to make this...


Looks like something that would motivate me to lose more so that I can move more.. and by being able to see it visually might help.. Maybe ha

and of course I am going to eat healthy. I'm not going on a diet because that doesn't seem to work for me at least but I am going to be smart and eat the things I love in small portions and only every once in a while.

So this is my plan and I am hoping it will work. I am just tired of not looking or feeling like myself and I just want the only me back.. not too much to ask for right?!
Wish me luck.

Till Next Time!


1 comment:

  1. Eva that is so awesome! I'm getting on the losing weight bandwagon as well.. Just wanting to feel confident about myself again, ya know? So proud of you :):) maybe we can be losing weight buddies and track our progress with each other?