Friday, February 3, 2012

My little man

So my wonderful cousin, Haley Hawkes, was so kind to take a few pictures of Kristoffer for us and of course they turned out amazing!! If you are looking to get some pictures done she is definitely someone you should go to. Thank you so much Haley, your the best :)

These two boys definitely have my heart and I wouldn't want it any other way. They are seriously two of the best things that ever happened to me. Thank you boys for being so wonderful!

Also when I took Kristoffer to meet my Aunt Jan and Haley for the first time my Aunt was awesome and took some really great pictures of Kristoffer. I like to call these next pictures:
"The Many Faces of Kristoffer King"
Thank you so much Aunt Jan and Haley for capturing these beautiful moments! It really means so much to have these to be able to look back on down the road.

Kristoffer says its time to eat and then bed time :)

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 month old

Yep its true, this little man is 1 month old, and yesterday we got to celebrate it!

I'm happy and sad about this. I'm so happy that I have a healthy, happy, growing baby who melts my heart every time I see him. He is truly such a blessing in my life and now that he is here I couldn't imagine my life without him! 

In celebration of Kristoffer, Taylor and I decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and got some ice cream from cold stone after. Then we were got to go watch Taylor's brother Quin play basketball with his junior jazz league.

GO UNCLE QUIN! He played really great and we are so happy we were able to watch him play!
That was about it for our celebration activities. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun playing with our little man! Can't wait to celebrate many more mile stones together :)

Some milestones and fun things about Kristoffer:
  1. He has already rolled over 4 times! I don't think he really has it mastered but he can definitely do it
  2. At the moment I'm thinking he is going to have is daddy's perfect blue eyes, but who knows it could change.
  3. He smiles every once in a while, and when he does my whole world just stops and I just want to cry tears of joy. He is so perfect :)
  4. He loves to stand up with mama and daddy's help.
  5. He is quite skilled at holding his head up, we are so proud!
  6. He is still wearing new born clothes, which I don't mind because I want him to stay small forever but at the same time want him to grow because I can't wait to put him in his adorable 0-3 month clothes!
  7. He does well through the night normally only waking up once or twice, luckily only having a few nights with more than that! 
  8. He does a great job at pooping his pants. He does it about twice every feeding.. The second time is always right after daddy had put on his new diaper. He for sure knows what he is doing :) ha
  9. Kristoffer LOVES to snuggle with his mama and daddy. Especially his mama.. I think he is going to be a mama's boy, but we will see :)

Motherhood is the best job I could ever ask for. I have always loved children and had always dreamed of working with them when I grew up. Now that I am kinda grown up I'm happy to say that I truly believe my dreams have come true. This job is definitely hard and for sure has its trying moments but I wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the world {well maybe I would trade our whole hospital visit adventure, but anyways!}. I know there are going to be many times that I don't think I can do this anymore but you know what there will be many more moments that I wont want to be doing anything else.

I love you Kristoffer King so much. Thank you for being so wonderful and teaching me so much in such a short period of time. You are perfect in every way and I wouldn't change a thing about you!
Love you- Mama and Daddy

Till Next Time!