Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!

June 17th was my beautiful, wonderful mother's 50th birthday. Now if you now my mom you would never guess that she is 50 years old. It's crazy she is just so amazing. We had a nice BBQ at the park near Taylor and my apartment and then later that night we went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo. It was a really great day we got to spend together! 
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here comes the Bride!!!

I got a wonderful phone call from my brother Justin informing me of some absolutely fantastic news!!! He will be getting married August 5th 2011 to Christina Early. They are such an amazing couple and I really love Christina which is a huge plus. They are going to be so great together!!!! Congratulations yall I am so happy for you :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Filling Yall In...

So my last actual post was at the end of March, which means that I haven't posted in just over 2 months!! WOW... that's way way way too long. I'm going to do an update of what has happened in these past few months cause it would be an understatement if I said there hasn't been TONS of new things going on. Lets get started:

  • One of my very good friends Lyndsey Jones(now Crose) got married on March 18th 2010. It was a wonderful wedding and I am so happy for Lyndsey and Charlie. I know they will be so happy together :) 

  • I was very luck that my little sisters Spring Break happened to be the same week as my Spring Break from work.. So I flew down to Florida to spend some time with my parents, sister, and a couple of her friends in Orlando. It was such a nice break but super hard cause Taylor had to stay back in Utah because he had school and work that he couldn't miss.. but it was a very nice break away from work.
  • Right before we left for Hawaii on April 23rd Taylor was privileged to baptize my boss Jason R. Mason. It was a wonderful experience and we are very happy for Jason! 
  • We were leaving April 26th for Honolulu, Hawaii so after I got back from Florida I was doing a lot of packing and just getting ready to leave for the summer. When we got to Hawaii it was wonderful. The weather was more then I could ever hope for and the people were so nice. We went to the beach every morning because we didn't have to go to work till noon. Taylor was doing really well as well. He had gotten 2 sales in his first 2 days on the job which I guess is really unusual for first timers. Little did we know that our summer fun in Hawaii would be coming to an end very soon. I got a phone call from the people that were renting our apartment and they said that people had accessed all of their accounts and taken all their money so they didn't have any money to pay rent and they wanted us to pay the rent for them. Which of course we weren't about to do. The couple was coming home from their honeymoon in Vegas and their story just seemed really weird. A few days after that we found out that the couple was just bailing and not going to be staying so we would either have to move back or figure out how to pay rent in Hawaii, Utah and still be able to afford to eat haha so sadly we had to decide to move back to Provo, UT. 
This is the beach we went to every morning.

I got a nice morning nap every day in the sun :)

These are the Dole pineapple farms

We weren't able to go to the temple in Hawaii but we got to drive by and take some pictures. It's such a beautiful temple I hope we will be able to go back to Hawaii some day and actually go inside!

One of Taylor's best friends happened to be spending his honeymoon on the same island so we got to spend the day with them before we went left to come back to Utah.

Taylor cliff jumping

We went snorkeling with turtles!! It was so cool. There were about 7 of them and we got to pet them while we were snorkeling.

It was a great day with Austin and Kodie. It was nice to be able to get out and see some of Hawaii before we had to leave.

Taylor got stuck in the Honolulu airport for 6 days. He slept in the airport for 5 nights and since it wasn't looking like he was getting out of there my dad decided it would be best for him to go from Hawaii to Japan then from Japan to L.A. and from there to Salt Lake City. It was a very round about way to go but Taylor was able to finally get home and he also got to experience international first class. It's safe to say that it is something we will never forget :)

  •  On May 2nd we found out the were are going to have a new addition to the King family! Has of my last doctor appointment which was June 6th I am about 9 1/2 weeks and an approximate due date of January 5th. We are very excited for this and can't wait to find out if we are going to be having a boy or girl :)

This is how I told Taylor the news.

This was his reaction when he got home and saw it.

 So now we are back in Provo in our humble apartment and just trying to get some jobs :) wish us luck.

Till next time.