Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kristoffer's first Jazz game

My men being... manly. hahaha We got invited to the Jazz game last Monday. Kristoffer really loved it.. Kinda. He actually just wanted us to stand out in the hall. Well it was a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one we get to go to!

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The blessing of Kristoffer Jared King!

My family

Kristoffer and Daddy

The people who were in the blessing circle

My cousin made this marvelous cake for Kristoffer!! Thank you so much :)
March 11th was the day that Taylor blessed Kristoffer at our church. It was so wonderful. Taylor did such an amazing job. I am so proud of him! Thank you so much to those who were able to share that special day with us!

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Kristoffer's 2 month check up...

I had the "privilege" of taking Kristoffer to his 2 month check up all by myself. It was honestly one of the saddest things I have ever had to witness! Yes I did cry a little bit.. Luckily Kristoffer forgave me very quickly and gave me lots of lovings. You better believe Taylor will be there for the next check up!!!

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Kristoffer's 2 months old!... and my 21st birthday :)

He is getting so big

what a special birthday!!

Kristoffer picked our some very lovely roses for me :)

He makes me smile
This year Kristoffer and I shared a milestone together. We celebrated Kristoffer turning 2 months old on my 21st birthday. He was such an amazing day! I would not have changed a single thing about it. Thank you so much everyone you shared the special weekend with us. Can't wait for many more special milestones!!!

Of course we went bowling! One of my most favorite activities

Yes I got to witness the wonderful engagement of my dear friend!

congratulations RYLEE!

Heck freaking yes!!!

Red Robin for birthday dinner with the family.. YUMMMM

Yep thats my soon to be sister-in-law.. oh and Davy


Amanda and her friend

yep my little sis

Yes they really did this to me.

and my dad made me keep it on!!!!

One of my many great gifts!! Thanks mom and dad

beautiful :)

hahahaha gosh how did I get so lucky!
Taylor also surprised me with dinner at The Chefs Table. I had wanted to go there forever and every time we drive past I always ask! It was such a wonderful surprise and such a special birthday!! Thanks Taylor for being everything I could ever hope and dream for :)

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Kristoffer's First Visit to Georgia

In February Kristoffer and I were able to go to Georgia for a couple of weeks. It was such a great visit. He got to meet a lot of my good friends and while we were there my best friend Kaitlin threw us a little baby shower. It was so wonderful and feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends!! Every time I go home I realize more how much I want to move back there. I am the person I am today because of where I grew up and the people I grew up with (and of course my wonderful parents!) I loved being in Georgia and can't wait to make it back!!

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