Sunday, March 20, 2011

Living In Paradise.. Literally :)

A few months ago Taylor and I were invited to go to Hawaii to sell security systems for Vivint (formerly known as apx). This opportunity seemed too good to be true. To be able to live in Hawaii for the summer paying less rent then we do now... There were a few things that would have to line up for this dream to come true. I would need a job, we would need to be able to rent our apartment for the summer, and I would need to be able to leave my current job as a preschool teacher before the school is over. Anyways it just seemed like something that wasn't going to work out, but I kept hoping in the back of my mind that all the stars would line up and we would be able to have an experience of a lifetime!! 

So when Taylor went to meet the Jeff (the head manager of the team going to Hawaii) He talking to him about how I wanted to work while we were there. So Jeff offered me a job as the OA (Office Assistant). There was the first thing on our list. Second I talked to my boss at work and explained everything to her and she was totally cool about everything. She said that would be such a great experience and I would have a job when we got back. Check number 2. Last we need to rent our apartment out for the time that we would be gone. So I posted our apartment on and about an hour later I got a text asking about the apartment. The next day they came by and looked at the place and long story short they signed the contract the next week!!! So the last and final thing on the list was completed which means.... We will be spending May through August in Honolulu, Hawaii soaking up the sun and living the dream life. We are so excited and feel so blessed to be able to have this experience. We will be leaving April 27 and I am counting down the days until then :) 

Till next time.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Past Few Months...

So I don't really have an excuse for not blogging the past few months. I have just been pretty stressed with work and stuff so blogging is really the last thing that I have on my mind but I am going to catch up here.

January 26th 2011
For Taylor's birthday one of the presents I got him was lower bowl tickets to the jazz game against the San Antonio Spurrs. It was a really good game even though we lost. 
 It was a great night. Our friends Matt and Karly got engaged that night too. It was really exciting. Congratulations to them :)

 Beginning Of February
My cousin Katy Jo had her adorable baby boy! He is the cutest little thing.
Congratulations Katy Jo and Matt. Yall have a awesome baby! Best of luck :)

March 2nd 2011
We celebrated my 20th birthday! It was a wonderful birthday and Taylor totally surprised me with a dinner and Red Robin with some of our friends. My dad was also able to come into town so when we got back from dinner we got to hang out with my brothers and dad. Then the next day my dad got me a few wonderful gifts! It was really a great day!! Thanks so much to everyone who shared that day with me!!

Taylor wrapped my gifts in Princess wrapping paper!! It was the best. He did a really great job don't you think?

The big 2-0 :)

I really love Greg Olsen paintings so Taylor surprised me with another one!! Making my collection 3 now. It was a wonderful surprise. Thanks Tay you're the best.

The surprise dinner at Red Robin 

Baby Annabelle and me. She is the cutest little thing ever. You done good Travis and Brittney haha

Everyone at the dinner. Thanks again everyone for coming!

Another great surprise was that Taylor was able to contact the lady who made out wedding cake and have her make my birthday cake. It was soooo great!!! I didn't even really want to share with anyone. But I did of course ha.

Then the next day my dad surprised me with a Blendtec. Which is the best blender in the whole world and I have been wanting one ever since my mom got one for Christmas a few years ago. My dad also got me a few other things for the house haha like a potato peeler, measuring cut, and soup mugs. You can always count on my dad to get the important things :)

Thanks again everyone for an absolutely fabulous 20th birthday!!! It will definitely be one that I will always remember.