Thursday, September 29, 2011


Okay is this not the cutest fabric you have ever seen! I am making a friend of mine a car seat canopy with these fabrics. We went to the fabric store yesterday and had so much fun looking at all the fabric and coming up with different combinations. We probably could have spent all day there but we had to go visit teach one of the sisters in our ward. I had so much fun and am super happy about the ones she picked. I can't wait to finish it! Stay tuned for pictures of the project :)

On a crazy note.... I went to get a manicure today and left with some pretty intense nails!
Crazy Right?! Well I think its pretty fun! :)

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time flies when...

Time flies when your having fun (super busy with school and being pregnant!) in the last couple weeks we have done some fun stuff...

At the beginning of September our student ward had a Back to School BBQ. It was a lot of fun, we ate lots of yummy food and played some fun games.. Boys against Girls of course..

 The Girls won!!!!!

When school started Taylor and I realized we needed another computer of some kind. Whether it was a laptop, tablet, or desktop we just weren't sure. We ended up deciding we wanted to get a desktop. Once we decided that we had to find the one that we wanted and for a reasonable price. This took a while but with lots of help from my dad and brother, Davy, we finally got a HP desktop for just $250! We are super excited. My dad had an extra monitor so we didn't have to spend anything on that. Thanks Dad :)
This is our temporary desk and chair till we find what we want.

We also got a new printer since ours died at the beginning of the summer.

One of Taylor's friends has invited him a few times to play flag football. Taylor was really excited since he loves sports so much and being active. It was fun to watch him play! He did a great job.

So remember that wreath that I was working on in an earlier post.... Well I finally finished it!!! I am so happy with the way it turned out.

Since football season has started my parents have been out here a lot more so my mom and I got to work a lot on Kristopher's quilt. I only have one step left and I am waiting for my mom to finish it. I am so excited for it to be done! 
We also sold our bunk beds that occupied the second bedroom which is going to be the nursery so we finally get to start getting things ready. 
We also went to Ikea and bought a bed frame for our bed because since we don't have the bunk beds to store things under we needed a new place so we needed to get a bed frame. We love it. Taylor has wanted it for like 6 months now but we just didn't see a real need for it. He was pretty happy about it.

I have fallen in love with I have found so many awesome things there that I want!! I got a car seat canopy pattern from there and was so excited to make it for Kristopher. First I had to find the perfect fabric. I found the most amazing website with so many different fabrics and I found the perfect fabric. So once the pattern and main fabric arrived I had to find the other two fabrics to go with it. It was so fun to make and much easier than I thought it would be and in my opinion it turned out GREAT!!

Almost done....

and a little secret awesome thing about this is...
It has toy hooks on the inside of the canopy!! AMAZING RIGHT?! right :)
I am going to be making one for my friend Laurel and I can't wait to see how cute it will turn out! I will post pictures once its all done. Wish me luck!

Till Next Time!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Since School Has Started...

School started this last week for Taylor and I and I don't think we have had so many plans in one week! We really like our classes and our teachers. Hopefully our feelings with stay that way. We are doing all of our classes together so that makes school a little more fun in my opinion. 

On Wednesday we had our 25 week doctors appointment. Everything is looks great with our little man. We have decided on a name too!!!
Kristopher Jared King
We were having a hard time cause we also love love love the name Krew Brooks King but we decided that we will just use that one on our next son :) Its hitting me that we really don't have that much longer till our man arrives and we are so excited to finally get to see him, hold him, and make many many memories with him. 

On Thursday we went up to Kaysville after school for my cute cousin Katy Jo's wedding. 

We got to be on Baby Ellwin duty for the wedding and reception. It was so much fun. He is the sweetest little guy. I hope Kristopher is good like him!

He fell asleep before he swallowed his last sip from his bottle.

Friday my dad flew in for the BYU vs. Utah game and so we thought it would be fun to go to the Utah State Fair. We invited my mom and little sister Emma as well. 

Yes this is a Kangaroo.

We could have help a baby Kangaroo but it cost $10 and I just could convince Taylor to pay that!

The royal wedding made out of butter.

Yes Emma cheated... She left way before us.

The Sea Lions were really awesome. It was a good show and they did some really neat tricks!

On Saturday we of course got up bright and really to do a yummy breakfast with everyone before the BYU vs. Utah football. Then went to the BYU book store to get our BYU gear.. and headed to the very very sad game..BUT it was fun being with everyone. Better luck next time BYU!
Justin's well decorated waffle!

Watching some football game..
Pretty sure Taylor loves football more than me haha

And today, Sunday, we went to church came home and I thought I would work on Kristopher's quilt a little bit. I finished it up so its ready to be taken to someone to be quilted and bound. I'm so excited to see the finished product!!!

I think it looks awesome. I'm super proud of myself :)
So that was our fun and eventful week. Tomorrow is our ward BBQ thing and I'm really excited for it! Taylor starts working every day again on Tuesday.. Which will be super sad because I have gotten so used to getting to spend all day every day with him and I'm not gonna lie I have become a little selfish and don't want to give up even one second of being with him! Good thing I married him right?! Well its time for me to call it a night cause we have a bright and early 6 am wake up call for school.

Till Next Time!