Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our day out on the lake

On Friday Taylor and I got invited to go boating with his childhood friend Josh and his family. I was so much fun! I had wanted to go boating with them all summer. Sadly not all of his family was able to make it but we still had a good time. Thanks so much for inviting us! We had a blast :)

Till Next Time!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Baby Bump Picture

Oh Baby

We went to the doctor last Wednesday for an ultrasound and got to find out what we are having and here are the pictures from the appointment.. See if you can figure out what its going to be :)

I know they aren't the best pictures and hopefully our next ultrasound pictures will be better. If you haven't figured it out yet we are having a little baby BOY! We are really excited, me more than Taylor at the moment because he was really hoping for a girl but I know that Taylor is going to love this little man more than anything and they are going to be inseparable once he gets here!!! We are deciding between Kristopher Jared King and Krew Brooks King. I'm pretty sure we are going with Kristopher but we will see.
Till Next Time

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baby Update.

This last Monday we went to our 4th doctors appointment with Dr. Glenn. We went in thinking we were 16 weeks along and just a few weeks away from finding out what this little nugget is going to be. When we got called back and the doctor got to our room he told us that we were 14 weeks and at that point I got just a little upset because every time we have gone to the doctor they have push back how far a long I really am. So my response was " um last month you said we were 16 weeks" so we went on with our conversation and by the end of the appointment we decided that we need to get an ultra sound so we can figure out how far along we really are just to settle it once and for all. 

The doctor also told us that this would be an ultra sound to check for all the problems the baby could have and I asked so we could see what the gender of the baby is? And he said yes if I put that down on the order form and Taylor was like well that's really all she wants hahaha so Dr. Glenn put that down on the test form so this Wednesday at 10:30 we get find out what we are having!! We are so excited and that is honestly all I think about :)

Till Next Time

Monday, July 11, 2011

Flat Head Lake

We were lucky to be able to go up to Montana and spend a few days with my family and a few of my cousins. It was a really relaxing few days and we had a lot of fun! I'm so glad that Taylor and I were both able to go up together. Here are some pictures from the trip.

All the cousins going out tubing!

Little Ayden driving the boat

My dad looking his best :)

The cousins with Grandpa and Barbra

My mom and Aunt Lori with Grandpa

Taylor tubing.. He really had a good time!

Taylor and my future lake house :)

Emma and Hunter goofing off

As I said before we really had a great time and are so blessed to have been able to make it out there. Even if it was only for a few short days. We miss you Flat Head Lake!